Your personal elevator for rope access operations 

The ActSafe Ascender is a portable power ascender that has transformed the way rope access maintenance, inspection and rescue procedures are conducted across multiple sectors.

Available in battery-powered and petrol engine models, the Ascender is a ‘personal elevator’, providing technicians and emergency personnel with the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable means of reaching hard-to-access locations at scale and height.

Each Ascender model has been developed with three core attributes in mind:


The ActSafe Ascender is a hugely versatile tool that has been successfully deployed in a diverse range of sectors, from renewable energy to construction. Anywhere where teams are working in hard to access locations or at height.  Read about how the product is use in our customer stories.


Quick and easy to set up, the Ascender provides a significant boost to the speed of rope access operations. For maintenance teams, ActSafe cuts time spent conducting repairs by up to a third. For search and rescue personnel, it can save vital seconds that could make all the difference.

Ergonomics and Safety

Not only does working with an Ascender reduce fatigue for rope access technicians and personnel; it also reduces physical strain and makes them less prone to injury.

At Altitec, we have first-hand experience of these benefits, having used ActSafe products for a number of years to drive the efficiency of our wind turbine blade repair operations. We are now proud to be an official distributor and service partner for ActSafe in the UK, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Rental service

ActSafe units are available for outright purchase and via short and long-term rentals. All sales and rental agreements include one full day of hands-on training to ensure the safe and practical operation of the equipment, regular assessment and service intervals every six months, and an exclusive up-time guarantee, ensuring that technicians and inspection teams are fully-equipped at all times with ready to use cutting edge rope access technology.

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