Altitec Academy Wind Power Service Trainings

With many years of experiences servicing wind turbine generators in Germany and the UK Altitec launched its Education and Training program in the United Kingdom in 2010. In 2014 Altitec Academy was the first training provider delivering the RTN Awareness & Basic Rotor Blade Repair and Inspection Training (BRAI) according to the new industry standard developed by Renewable Training Network (RTN).

Altitec Academy London is now offering monthly training courses for rotor blade technicians as well as a basic training module for glass fibre composite repair work on rotor blades. You can book your training course here on our website under ‘Course Booking‘. In addition Altitec is partnering with leading IRATA training centers in Berlin, Germany and Bilbao, Spain to deliver open class specialist rotor blade trainings in continental Europe in future.

One of the main global challenges is a shortage of skilled technicians to serve the wind power industry and generate future qualified jobs. A Renewable UK report predicts that nearly 90,000 people will be working in the renewables industry by 2021. To strengthen Altitec’s resources, but more than that, to take part in the challenge to ensure the availability of appropriate training to qualify competent rotor blade technicians, we launched the Altitec Academy in 2010 and are part of the Renewable Training Network (RTN) since 2014.

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At Altitec Academy we qualify not only rope access technicians and to become rotor blade experts and make wind farm owners and operators aware of the complexity of rotor blade damages. Technicians and other trainees learn how to inspect and repair rotor blades on wind turbines. Training attendees benefit from Altitec engineers’ experience from the early stages in Germany. Operators and owners of wind farms will benefit from our expert knowledge by learning to understand and analyses damages on their rotor blades.