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The Altitec Academy provides hands-on training courses for would-be wind turbine rotor blade technicians, as well as wind farm owners and operators looking to deepen their knowledge about the complexity and financial impact of blade damage on their assets.

As more and more wind farms come online around the world, blade damage continues to be the most common cause of wind turbine downtime.

Learn how to conduct rotor blade inspections and repairs as the demand for blade repair technicians continues to grow, and learn more about the opportunities offered by a rewarding career in the wind industry.

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The courses meet the highest industry standards and trainees receive instruction from our team of expert lead blade technicians and engineers, each with a minimum of 5 years of blade servicing experience.

Training is split into 2 modules for your convenience.

GWO Rotor Blade Repair Training

Module 1 – Rotor Blade Inspector

Our 5-day training programme provides the basic knowledge and skills to conduct blade inspection and surface repairs in a safe manner. It combines classroom-based seminar sessions with hands-on, practical training.

Wind turbine technicians course

Day 1 is designed as Awareness Training, to give a better understanding of operational rotor blade damage and how to assess the requirement for and success of repairs.

It’s suitable for wind farm owners and operators and can be delivered as a standalone session and tailored to specific requirements.

The overall programme includes the following topics:

  • Wind turbine construction
  • Rotor blade inspection
  • Rotor blade surface repairs
  • Classifying and reporting damage
  • Health and safety regulations

Following a successful completion of Module 1, the participants can progress to Module 2.


Module 2 – Rotor Blade Technician

Module 2 is also a 5-day training programme, building on the knowledge and skills gained in Module 1. It teaches the fundamentals of carrying out the blade repair at height, enabling participants to carry out basic blade repairs as a Rotor Blade Technician. It focuses on hands-on practical work, in combination with the underlying theory.

wind turbine technician job training

The overall programme includes the following topics:

  • Overview and practice of blade repair methods
  • Composite repair materials and tools
  • Understanding chemical curing processes
  • Adhesion and adhesive technologies
  • Health and safety regulations
  • Introduction to advanced repair methods
  • Actsafe Ascender end user training

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“I was offered work in the UK from as early as February. It used to be just a seasonal job, particularly for the British-based wind farms, but I’ve seen that change.


If you want an opportunity to work internationally and get paid really well for it, then the cost of the course is not really that much money in the grand scheme of things. Once you’ve secured work, you’ll make the course fee back in a month.” – Duncan, ex-Academy trainee, current Altitec employee

ActSafe Ascender end-user training

Our ActSafe Ascender end-user training is a 1-day course that teaches participants how to use advanced powered rope ascenders to access wind turbines. This access method is recognised by all respected blade repair and inspection firms for both on- and offshore sectors in the wind industry.

ActSafe Ascender rope access technology

Complementary end-user training is included at the end of Module 1 for all participants who complete both modules.

The rope access training allows wind turbine owners, operators and service providers to better understand the complexities of servicing their rotor blades and evaluate project-specific blade inspection and repair costs. It can take place at our facilities in London or be run in-house around the globe.

The applications of rope access using ascender systems such as the ActSafe Ascender are not limited to the wind industry. We provide rope access training for technicians in a range of sectors, including search and rescue personnel.


We train around 150 blade inspection and repair technicians every year. Why wait?

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