Onshore & Offshore Turbine Inspection
Altitec’s technicians are not only specially trained rope access personnel, but also qualified turbine experts.

Turbine damage is one of the most common causes of financial loss and project downtime at wind farm sites across the globe. Given the strain of continuous operation, often in harsh conditions and environments, regular turbine inspection is therefore a critical part of all long-term operations and maintenance (O&M) programmes.

In fact, daily practice shows that, after two years of operation, the potential for damage to turbines is several times greater than following installation. After five years of operation, annual inspections are strongly recommended. Exposed glass fibre is not UV-resistant and often suffers from water ingress.

Altitec conducts turbine inspection according to recognised best practice standards for condition-based maintenance, as issued by the German Wind Energy Association (BWE). Working to these principles ensures that inspection reports are delivered to the highest standards currently available in the industry.

Making use of the latest turbine access equipment, we’re able to access and service turbines in a time and cost-efficient manner, with minimum environmental impact or project disruption. Nowadays using UAVs and ground based telescopic inspection technologies in addition to hands-on rope access based turbine inspections allows Altitec to offer clients a full range of turbine access methods. Altitec’s technicians are not only specially trained rope access personnel, but also qualified turbine experts.

They work hand in hand with our engineering department to deliver the following services:

  • Turbine Inspection by drones, ground based telescopic equipment or latest rope access methods
  • Damage classification according to an industry standard scoring system
  • Internal turbine inspection as standard
  • Inspection of lightning strike protection and system resistance measurement
  • Various inspection report formats – tailored to the client’s requirements
  • Damage assessment and repair recommendations by experienced engineers
  • Asset Management of reports on internet servers