State of the Art Turbine Access Platforms – Onshore and Offshore

The platform provides one of the most advanced means of accessing wind turbines.

 Käufer K BP-2

The Käufer platforms are designed to suit wind power plants of up to 5 MW. They are suspended on steel wires and can climb to significant heights using two electric winches. To make things easier, in some circumstances the platform can be mounted onto a trailer which in turn can be parked in front of a turbine tower.

Distance supports are to be adjusted electrically or mechanically to reach the required working position at the turbine. The payload of this platform amounts to 880 lbs and the dead weight amounts to 2650 lbs. The platform can be used in a stall or pitch position. The manually adjustable sliding platforms ensure that the turbines can be reached comfortably in all scenarios.

Building on years of experience, the system can be erected and made ready for operation within two hours, using just two technicians. The cable winches, reinforcing bar spacers and other components are completely pre-assembled on the access system. Cable suspension in the case of platform KP-2 is fixed to the machine cabin, the advantage being that the cables do not need to be reassigned when working on the next turbine.

More about the products:

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