Käufer provides certified mobile platforms and access systems for inspecting, cleaning and repairing wind turbine rotor blades and towers. Käufer access systems are simple and easy to transport and install, regardless of local conditions. They can be assembled and erected on any surface, even on rough terrain or offshore.

The systems employ electrical cable winches to manage ascent and descent to and from the turbine. The reinforcing bar can be adjusted electrically or mechanically, enabling an optimum working position in relation to the turbine. Cable suspension is either fixed to the turbine or the nacelle, depending on the specific access system. Precise control of winches allows for safe manoeuvring of the platform along the entire length of the turbine.

When using a Käufer mobile platform and access system, no further expenses are involved in the rental of cranes.

Key Benefits

  • Käufer access systems are TÜV tested and certified according to EN 1808
  • Käufer’s construction department can accommodate all requests, including production and assembly services
  • Käufer provides professional advice as well as consulting services
  • Käufer platforms unlock a variety of safety and financial benefits
  • Additional components allow Käufer to use just one access system type to access both pitch-controlled and stall-controlled wind turbines
  • Optimum adaptation to the turbine through adjustable sliding platforms enables qualified assessments and specialist repair work to be carried out
  • The system can be set up in approximately two hours, by two Käufer staff members
  • The payload is 400 kg, which is equivalent to three people
  • Useful additional components such as closable assembly cages, lockable toolboxes, fire extinguishes, and moving pinch rollers
  • No permits necessary
  • The system is easily maintained, without the need for trained professionals

Adjustable sliding platforms make it possible to reach ideal working positions so that blades can be easily and comfortably accessed for inspection and repair