Boosting your turbine inspection and maintenance performance

The ActSafe Ascenders aid in blade repairs at height.
The ActSafe Ascenders aid in blade repairs at height.

In the on- and offshore wind sectors, asset owners are under growing pressure to reduce costs and increase the performance and profitability of their assets.

Manual inspection and repair of operational turbines is invariably a time-sensitive process, given the impact both scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns have on wind farm performance. Moreover, conducting repairs at height, particularly in the harsh offshore environment, can only take place during narrow weather windows.

The ActSafe Ascender has been deployed at wind farms across the globe to help operations and maintenance teams meet the challenge of maximising the efficiency of inspection and repair during these limited timeframes. Rope access blade and turbine technicians equipped with an Ascender are able to undertake up to 35% more work on average than without – creating time and cost savings with a direct impact on maintenance budgets.

In turn, these efficiency gains have kept repair and inspection firms that deploy the Ascender one step ahead of the competition.