Rental Service

We offer a unique rental service for the powered rope ascender system that provides a cost-effective solution for reducing inspection and maintenance times across multiple sectors, enabling independent contractors and in-house rope access technical teams to maximise performance in limited operational windows.

Rental agreements benefit from a full maintenance and service offering. This includes one full day of hands-on training to ensure the safe and practical operation of the equipment, regular equipment assessment and service intervals every six months, and an exclusive up-time guarantee, ensuring that technicians and inspection teams are fully-equipped at all times with ready to use cutting edge rope access equipment.

ActSafe Power Ascenders are available in 3 different models, including battery, remote controlled, mobile power supply and petrol-powered units, with a range of applications for the energy, telecoms and search and rescue industries.


Battery Powered

ActSafe ACX Power Ascender

Ultra-portable lifting power

The ACX Power Ascender is the latest model of ultra-portable battery-powered ascenders from ActSafe.

With this compact, lightweight Power Ascender you can work smoothly and safely in most places, high or low, confined or remote.

The ACX Ascender features a closed self-locking rope grab, a distinct battery management system and an IP55 protection. The left-hand bi-directional throttle and the remote control reaching up to 150 metres are some of the many aspects that make the ACX Power Ascender safe and easy to use.

This highly versatile Power Ascender will change the way you work, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll never understand how you managed without!

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ActSafe ACX Power Ascender
The ActSafe ACX Power Ascender


Petrol Engine

ActSafe PMX Power Ascender
ActSafe PMX Power Ascender
The ActSafe PMX Power Ascender

Its strength will take you further

PMX is the new enhanced generation of petrol engine Power Ascenders from ActSafe.

The engine-powered PMX ascender has its uniqueness in the combination of strength and the small portable size. Weighing only 13 kg and with at least 700 metres of rope-travelling on one fuel tank, this is the tool that will take you through the hard, dirty jobs where you need to be able to rely on your equipment.

The features of this new PMX Power Ascender include an enclosed rope grab system, and a left-hand-operated throttle. The descent lever is easy to operate for going down the rope, and the whole sturdiness of this Power Ascender makes it perfect for a never-ending list of lifting operations.

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