Rope Access Training
Rope access is an essential part of being a blade technician.
Rope access is an essential part of being a blade technician.

A successful career as a blade technician depends not only on comprehensive blade inspection and repair skills, but also on the ability to make use of the latest wind turbine access methods.

Rope access, making use of advanced powered rope ascenders, is the recognised access method for all respected blade repair and inspection firms, working throughout the on- and offshore sectors.

As the exclusive UK, Ireland and Baltic distributor of the ActSafe Ascender, Altitec is at the forefront of technologically advanced access systems. All ActSafe sales and rental agreements include a mandatory training session, and we use this expertise to feed into our Academy training programmes. Actsafe Ascender end-user training is offered at Altitec Academy, as part of Module 1 (Blade Repair and Inspection), or alternatively can be run in-house on request.

The applications of rope access using battery and petrol-powered ascender systems are not limited to wind energy, and Altitec has provided rope access training for technicians in a range of sectors globally since 2002. We have trained hundreds of rope access technicians of all technical levels for more than 10 years.