Module 1 – RenewableUK (RUK) Awareness & Basic Blade Inspection and Repair (BRAI) Training

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Some learners find out more about repairs in the workshop at Altitec Academy.

Completing the 5-day RenewableUK accredited Awareness & Basic Blade Inspection and Repair (BRAI) training course provides successful delegates with the basic knowledge and skills to conduct blade inspection and surface repairs in a safe manner.

In doing so, it enables these participants to achieve a level of competence set out by stringent wind industry standards and take the first step towards a career as a blade technician.

Topics and procedures covered in the programme, which combines classroom-based seminar sessions with hands-on, practical training, include:

  • Rotor Blade Inspection
  • Reporting
  • Rotor Blade Construction
  • Health & Safety
  • Rotor blade surface repairs
  • Rotor Blade Construction
  • Damage classification

Day one of the course is an Awareness Training session, designed to give wind farm owners and operators a better understanding of operational rotor blade damage and how to assess the requirement for and success of repairs. This training can also be delivered as a standalone session either at the Academy or on your own premises, and tailored specifically to your requirements.

Following successful completion of Module 1, Altitec recommends that participants then go on to complete Module 2 – Composite Rotor Blade Repair Training.

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