Global wind turbine rotor blade repair and maintenance specialist, Altitec, opens its latest technician training academy at new facilities in Victoria, Australia 


Victoria, Tuesday 16th April 2019 – Altitec, the leading provider of wind turbine rotor blade repair and maintenance services and technician training, today announces the opening of a Altitec Academy in Australia. The first training course will take place on 6th -17th May 2019, offering people securing places on it the essential skills to develop a career in the wind energy sector.


Investment in the Australian renewable energy market doubled from $10bn AUD in 2017 to $20bn AUD in 2018 and wind energy is the second largest sources of renewable power in the region, closely following hydropower. This means that in 2018, wind provided enough energy to power 3,518,452 homes in Australia.[1]


While renewable energy capacity in Australia continues to grow, further investment is needed to support the development of skills appropriate to the market, as more and more local workers seek sustainable careers in a thriving and future focused industry.


As the wind energy sector in Australia continues to develop, skilled blade repair and maintenance technicians will play an important role in ensuring turbines remain online and producing power. As in other markets, particularly Europe and North America, the rapid build out of wind energy projects will ensure the skills of turbine blade repair specialists are in high demand.


Tom Dyffort, Managing Director of Altitec said, “The Australian wind energy market is finding its way as it proves its value. The strength of the wind power industry around the world is undeniable, and as the industry looks more closely at opportunities in Australia, it is clear that being prepared for further development with a well-trained workforce will ensure success for the sector in the country. Wind turbine rotor blade technicians deploy their technical inspection and repair skills in a great environment, and as demand for blade servicing in the Australian market increases, the opportunities will only expand for technicians.”


Claudia Gomez, Business Development Manager of Altitec said “Our rotor blade technician teams have worked on sites throughout Australia including Mount Mercer and Portland Wind Farm for around 3 years and we have seen the changing approach to renewables in the country. We’re very excited to be starting our first training course in Victoria next month and are looking forward to supporting the local market by providing highly skilled, experienced technicians as they graduate from the Academy.”




Renewable Energy Industry Receives Training and Skills Boost as Altitec Academy Opens in Victoria