On February 22nd 2019, the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) published a draft of its Blade Repair Standard.


The draft training standard, which you can see online here, was published to allow training providers to familiarise themselves with the its aims and objectives, and the full standard will be published on April 1st.


We welcome the GWO training standard set to be released on 1st April, that will roll out a formal curriculum and qualification for rotor blade repair technicians. We look forward to engaging with their training scheme in future. For the past five years, while continuing to call for a standardised curriculum for blade repair training, we have run our DNV GL approved Altitec Academy to equip new rotor blade repair technicians with the skills to succeed in the sector.


However, as demand for blade repair technicians increases, we are seeing too many job applicants to our blade servicing teams that lack essential skills, despite holding a training certificate. As an employer, this means we need to provide remedial training, but for technicians it means hundreds of pounds wasted. A well-regarded standard curriculum will help establish a clear baseline for the skills required for the job, and ensure trainees are not being let down by their training providers.


Expert technicians lie at the heart of high-quality blade inspection and repair services that support turbine availability levels across the sector. The formal training technicians receive at the start of their careers is fundamental to delivering good service, and must be backed up by on-going learning and development support from advanced technicians and engineers at the blade servicing companies they work for. Clear and agreed standards for basic skills in blade repair technicians will help to ensure the quality of servicing across the sector remains high as we push towards a low-carbon energy system.


Global Wind Organisation’s Blade Repair Standard draft published