The majority of operations carried out at height require the use of Rope Access Accessories, to ensure the safety and security of employees. Rope access technicians look to accessories to help them  optimise their productivity, but they must do so all while meeting health and safety standards. To adhere to an effective and efficient health and safety regime, rope access technicians need to be able to ascend and descend from height efficiently whilst maintaining the highest levels of security.


Compatible Accessories

Safe and efficient tools and accessories should be fully compatible with the ascender technology being used. As the UK distributor of ActSafe Ascenders, Altitec makes sure not only that the accessories are compatible with each ascender they recommend, but that they are best rope access tools and accessories on the market. Below we have given our run down of some of the best pieces of kit available.


1.The ACX Protective Cover

This Cordura cover has been designed to help protect the ACX Ascender from dirt, dust, paint and more. It does not affect the operation and can be easily removed or attached when the ACX is in use.










2. Battery Safety Lanyard

This system secures a battery to the ACX handle and has an additional lanyard (not pictured) for attaching to the harness gear loop. This helps secure the battery if it needs to be replaced while working at height.










3. ELR

The ELR equipment lifting rope is the only rope certified for material lifting with ActSafe ascenders.


4. Approved Equipment Lifting Bag

The approved equipment lifting bag from ActSafe has a working load limit of 80KG.


5. PLR EN1891A

The PLR EN1891A personal lifting rope is now available in 5 colours: Black, Grey, Red, Blue & Olive Green. All ActSafe ropes are available in custom lengths with or without sewn end terminations.










6. Tackle Rope Bags

The ActSafe tackle rope bags have a capacity to carry ropes of 50m, 100m and 150m.




7. SAW Backpack

The SAR Backpack is designed to hold either the PME, PMX or ACX Ascender along with a 100M rope.











Altitec are excited to see more new technology coming up for technicians in rope access and working at height in the coming years.

To find out more about the ActSafe Powered Ascender range, click here. 


Top 7 accessories for Actsafe Ascenders that every technician needs
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