Altitec is a business committed to driving down its carbon footprint. It’s part of what drove the formation of the business in the first place, and it remains important always. So, Altitec is pleased to announce that the leading blade repair and inspection specialist has been awarded a Carbon Trust Certificate for Carbon.


Altitec’s emissions footprint has been calculated, and, from 77.0 tCO2e in the first year of working with the Carbon Trust, the company is now down to 74 tCO2e – a creditable improvement of 2.3% in 3 years.


In fact, Altitec’s carbon management score means the business is performing better than 60% of all other Carbon Trust certified companies in its sector.


Reducing carbon across the business

Altitec scored 100% for the products and services element of this certification; the business has the ambition to improve energy efficiency and is always looking to reduce carbon impact.


Altitec’s efforts to encourage use of public transport have been recognised by the Carbon Trust’s report. However, the biggest contribution to emissions comes from the diesel used; it makes up nearly 90% of all Altitec’s emissions.


“Obviously getting to and from wind farms is an unavoidable part of our job, and while we’re eager fans of Tesla, we’re going to have to wait a while until we can reduce this part of our carbon footprint significantly,” said Tom Dyffort, Managing Director, Altitec. “To manage fuel consumption and reduce carbon output as much as possible, we ask our teams to be as conscientious driving their vans as they are handling with their clients’ blades.”


Also, by riding rope bikes in the form of ActSafe Ascenders, if charged with 100% renewable energy-generated electricity, as at Altitec stores, allows the business to access rotor blades emission-free.


Also, when charged with 100% renewable energy-generated electricity from the turbine, ActSafe Ascenders allow Altitec technicians to access, inspect and repair rotor blades emission-free.


Net zero emissions

On the way to turn Altitec into a net zero emission company, this is a big step forward. As a business and as a team, Altitec will remain focused on minimising emissions.


“Altitec’s Carbon Trust Certification is a great recognition of our achievements and demonstrates our commitment to reducing carbon emissions year on year,” Dyffort continued. “We have an ambition to become a zero-carbon company, and with help from the Carbon Trust process we continue to make progress.”


Altitec Reduces Carbon Footprint by 2.3% in Recertification From The Carbon Trust