London, 20 February 2017 – Altitec, the distributor and service provider for Actsafe Ascenders in the UK, Ireland and the Baltic countries, has announced the delivery of 2 units to JV Price, specialists in commercial window cleaning and property maintenance. The units will be primarily utilised on new projects in London, where operatives will be working in confined spaces with a requirement for repeated ascending and descending by conventional methods akin to rope access. These units not only tick the box for this type of work but also for rescue planning and rapid casualty extraction.

JV Price also intends to utilise these units in other areas to increase the efficiency of services undertaken across London, the south and the midlands.

Typically, window cleaners have relied on their own power and a series of different rope grabbing and protecting tools to manoeuvre themselves up and down some of the tallest buildings in the world. This can be arduous, physically taxing work; the resulting fatigue inevitably drives up the time taken to complete projects and can leave cleaners more prone to injury.

By contrast, the Actsafe Ascender is a powered rope ascender that considerably reduces climbing times for rope access professionals across multiple sectors, including maintenance, inspection and rescue procedures. Available in both battery-powered and petrol engine models, the Ascender is a safe and reliable means of scaling great heights.

The ActSafe Ascender is the ideal tool to help teams comply with Working at Height regulations, and Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER). Versatile and reliable, the Ascender offers operators and managers greater control over operations that involve working at height and lifting. The powered ascender is also a viable, lower-cost alternative to mobile elevated working platforms (MEWPs), offering more flexibility in a range of circumstances.

JV Price noted how the device boosts access efficiency, helps combat fatigue and will allow their window cleaners to optimise the cleaning of larger buildings in particular.

“Rather than hauling themselves up by hand, the ACC II Ascenders will allow our technicians to easily access the great heights at which they have to work and also maintain morale, concentration and productivity” said Craig Deamer, Group Health and Safety Director and IRATA Trained Level 3 at JV Price. “Altitec’s expertise meant they not only equipped us with the units, but also trained us in their use.”

While Altitec’s own blade repair technicians make use of the Actsafe Ascender to scale wind turbines, the multi-purpose nature of the device is clear. Commenting on this versatility, Gavin Thompson, Altitec’s Technical Sales & Business Development Manager said “At Altitec, we have first-hand experience of the benefits Actsafe Ascenders can bring to our own work in wind turbine blade repair.

“Now we’re helping businesses across a range of industries similarly increase the efficiency and safety of their work high above the ground.”

Altitec provides Actsafe Ascenders for short and long-term rentals, as well as to purchase outright. All sale and rental agreements include a full day’s training in the device’s operation, as well as regular service and assessment intervals every six months.

Altitec Equips JV Price With Unique Rope Ascenders